Zekian Language (Varseios ust Zekia)


Human body

The Zekaiseivarse lexicon contains many words pertaining to the human body. Many of these words are used in Zekaisei biology and anatomy, and some of these words are also names for numbers.

Head and face: higher body 
  • miens or aiv: head, the mind, the top of the living body 
  • isva: eye(s)
  • ospia/yospi: nose, nostrils, smellers 
  • vaq: mouth, entrance to the body, "door to the soul"
  • irara: ear(s), that/those who hear(s) 
Middle body
  • jarabeis: abdomen, tummy, belly, "stomach"
Limbs and protrusions

  • pai: arm
  • paj: hand
  • svaj: leg
  • svie: foot