Zekian Language (Varseios ust Zekia)



If you want to understand Zekian stories or just talk to your friends and family in a new way, then you are reading the right page.


Ala! Hello!
Mave bune! Good-bye! (I leave)
Mavu bune! Good-bye! (YOU leave)
Sol bune! Good morning! Good day!
Stisol bune! Good (after)noon!
Nakt bune! Good night!
Ves zeu?
Ze bune: I am fine/well
Ze suwe: I am well (in good health)
Ze juve: I am happy

Ze daunche: I am feeling bad.

Ze tiahe: I am mad.

Ze kuve: I am sad.

Words for love

galomoupeii: a general love for people and the act of caring for them, respecting them, and helping them: love of all people

amere: love for family and friends;  one who loves, trusts, respects, and treats kindly another person: friend

amer: to love as a family member or friend 

marire: love of a husband or wife; one who loves his or her spouse;


marize: a spouse; a romantic partner: a boyfriend or girlfriend

marir: to marry; to love as a spouse